About Us

Our Mission is to enable prospective adoptive parent(s) to achieve their dream of adoption as well as to provide nurturing, secure, loving and permanent homes for foreign-born orphans.

Adoption Horizons, Inc. is a non-profit organizationoriginally established in 1995 by adoptive parents seeking to assist other prospective adoptive parents in the international adoption process.  In 2001, Adoption Horizons, Inc. became the first Canadian adoption agency to receive full accreditation from the government of the Russian Federation.

Adoption Horizons’ Board of Directors consists of nine dedicated members, all of whom have previously adopted their children through the Agency. Most members of the Board have held their positions for a minimum of seven years.

John Peco, President of the Board of Directors, was one of the Agency’s founders and has served as its President for more than 18 years.

Executive Director Irina Zaretsky has held her position since the Agency’s inception in 1995. A native of Moscow, Russia, she is fluent in both English and Russian, and has worked in the adoption field since 1991.

As of June 2014, Adoption Horizons, Inc. has facilitated the placement of close to 800 children from the Russian Federation and republics of the former Soviet Union with Canadian families.

Throughout the year, the Agency holds two major cultural events. The Adoption Horizons Annual Picnic is held each summer and takes place in late June. The event attracts hundreds of adoptive families who look forward to seeing each other every year and share the successes of their growing children.

A similar gathering occurs during the winter holiday season as Adoption Horizons hosts its annual Russian Christmas Party in January. The event centres on the Russian holiday tradition of exchanging gifts, enjoying traditional food and spending time with family.

Services provided by Adoption Horizons

Adoption Horizons, Inc. strives to help adoptive families navigate through the complexities of the process of intercountry adoption.

Services provided by Adoption Horizons include private consultation for any family interested in international adoption. After working with more than 800 families to facilitate adoptions from five different, the agency's Executive Director has the necessary knowledge and experience to offer confident, strategic advice for prospective parents.