Welcome to Adoption Horizons Inc.

Adoption Horizons, lnc. is a non-profit organization, originally established and created in 1995 by adoptive parents seeking to assist other prospective adoptive parents in the international adoption process.

As of June 2014, Adoption Horizons has facilitated the placement of close to 800 children from Russia, Ukraine, Georgia, Kazakhstan and Belarus with Canadian families.

The agency is currently offering consulting services for families interested in pursuing international adoption.

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Our Orphanages

To help better understand the conditions in which adoptive children live in Russia, Adoption Horizons' families have offered a collection of photographs from some of the orphanages Adoption Horizons works with.

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Important news

Due to the ongoing conflicts in Russia with regards to International adoption, it has become impossible to guarantee the successful completion of the adoption process for Canadian families. As a result, Adoption Horizons has decided to suspend the facilitation of International adoption from Russia, effective June 13, 2014.

The agency will continue to fulfill its responsibility of submitting post-placement reports for those families who completed adoptions, as well as organize its annual summer picnics and annual Russian Christmas parties.

Adoption Horizons will also be offering adoption consulting services to any family interested in exploring international adoption from other countries, as well as support for families who have already adopted.


Happy Holidays

Adoption Horizons would like to thank everyone who sent cards, letters and photos to our office this holiday season.

We love seeing how happy you and your children are as you grow together as a family.

Happy holidays!